The Strategic Markets project promoted with Unioncamere gets underway: the next steps

On the first day of the Region international mission with health sector companies in Israel, Monday 25 March, Fabrizio Sala, vice-president and councillor for Research, Innovation, University, Export and Internationalisation of companies, who spoke at the conference within the framework of MedinIsrael Practicing Tech for human longevity, recalled that “with Israel we have long since established a great collaboration on the issues of medical care and technology transfer. Regione Lombardia places great emphasis on Life Sciences and on improving the lives of Lombard citizens. For this reason, one of the strategic nodes of the Three-year programme for research and technology transfer concerns the Life Sciencesector. Our action aims to improve citizens' health by supporting scientific excellence”.

“We strongly believe - added Fabrizio Sala - that with the ageing of the population it is essential to find alternative care systems. The technologies applied to treat the most fragile and weakest patients are becoming crucial”.

“For this very reason I want to underline the example of the Paese Ritrovato of Monza, a real village where Alzheimer's patients can lead a normal life, also improving the quality of life of their family members. A virtuous example that marks a turning point in the treatment of patients suffering from these incapacitating diseases”.

Digitising the Lombard healthcare system

“Our aim is to digitise the Lombard health sector - concluded the Vice-President. Israel is a technologically advanced country and we can take the cue from this mission to start and plan shared projects, to further improve our already excellent health system”. It is no coincidence that, during the mission, meetings are scheduled with the most important health and medical research institutions of Tel Aviv, such as Maccabi Healthy Services and Genesis International Services.

“Digitise - explained Sala - means not only saving money, but also meet the ever-changing needs in a world with a constant ageing of the population. Lombardy and Israel have more or less the same number of inhabitants and we want to create, as is already the practice in Israel, a single archive of Big data with all the health data of Lombard citizens.

The ‘Strategic Markets’ and the next foreign steps 

The second day, Tuesday 26, there was the launch, in Israel, of the second edition of the ‘Strategic Markets’ project, promoted by Regione Lombardia and Unioncamere Lombardia, implemented through Promos Italia and aimed at supporting the internationalisation of local businesses. Two hundred companies from Lombardy were involved in six training events on internationalisation and six entrepreneurial missions in foreign strategic markets, with the aim of promoting international competitiveness.

The mission in Israel, until 29 March, is dedicated to Life Sciences and will see the presence of companies in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical sectors.

After Israel, initiatives are planned in the United States (June 2019), Japan (September 2019), India (October 2019), the United Arab Emirates (November 2019) and China (date to be decided). According to a report by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi, this is an area that is worth EUR 20 billion a year of export in Lombardy, with an 8% increase in a year, out of an Italian total of 73 billion (+2%).

Milan, with EUR 10 billion (+9%), Bergamo and Brescia that exceed 2 billion (+3% and +11%), Monza and Varese with over 1 billion (+10% and +7%), are the most active provinces in terms of export. Cremona and Mantua are also growing (about +10%).

As far as Lombardy export destinations are concerned, the USA is in the lead - with a value of EUR 10 billion, +11%, which alone represents half of Lombardy exports to the markets analysed. China (4 billion in value), Japan (2 billion), Emirates (1 billion), India (1.4 billion, +24%), Israel (800 million) follow. The most exported products are machinery, clothing, chemicals and metals.

A business worth 20 billion a year

The first edition of the ‘Strategic Markets’ project has allowed over 450 Lombard companies to develop international business - explains Giovanni Da Pozzo, President of Promos Italia. Also in this second edition, thanks to the choice of the most strategic markets and the right interlocutors, we will create all the conditions for Lombard entrepreneurs to start profitable business relationships”.

“For the Chamber of Commerce network of Lombardy, to support the internationalisation of the enterprises of the territory is a priority - the president of Unioncamere Lombardia Gian Domenico Auricchio has declared - and thanks to this project we bring the Lombard enterprises to do business in geographical areas that for Lombardy are worth, in terms of estimated exports, EUR 20 billion per year”.


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