• Agreement between Lombardy Region and IRCCS (scientific institutes for research, hospitalisation and healthcare): 4 million euro for research and patents  

Four hospital facilities invest 2 million; the same amount will come from the regional entity for projects of excellence


A further step has been taken in the Agreement between Lombardy Region and four IRCCS  in Lombardy aimed at developing projects of excellence by researchers at the facilities involved through the technological transfer of their results to the market, also by means of patents. 

The institutes involved 

The initiative between the Region and four public IRCCS institutes in Lombardy is enhanced by the investment taken on by the research facilities: 2 million euro, to be allocated for the creation of a Central Office of Technological Transfer for the concerned IRCCS: Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori and Istituto Neurologico Besta in Milan, and Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia.

The role of the Region

With this the “Joint agreement for the implementation of research and development projects with impacts on the Lombard economic system” increases its value to 4 million euro.  

As for the Lombardy Region, it had already committed to supporting complex projects of industrial research proposed by the four IRCCS facilities with 2 million euro, which would have impacts on the eco-system of Lombardy innovation, including the business system. 

The projects, which will be implemented by the separate Institutes located in the region, will be developed also by promoting joint collaborations and synergies with other public and private entities in the region.  

Focus on the impacts on the local eco-system is also driving the demand for projects where the research, development and innovation activities presented by the IRCCS institutes are consistent with the Lombardy Region Strategy of Intelligent Specialization (S3), to help meet the great challenges of the region for it to remain competitive internationally. 

The results brought to citizens 

Accordingly, the synergy promoted by the Agreement to give an industrial outlet to the efforts being made within the IRCCS institutes continues: this marks unprecedented and extremely important action, if one considers that these facilities already produce research of excellence that is translated, as example, into new medicines, innovative treatments and devices, applications in the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of pathologies, and biotechnological inventions. 

The objective is therefore very concrete: to transfer the results of scientific research to the highest number possible of citizens, so that the research results in patents, start-ups and new companies with a high added value, capable of raising private capital to be reinvested in research. 

Thanks to this technological transfer, the Region aims at generating positive impacts for the innovation of Lombardy companies and their competitive growth. 


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