• Public procurement for innovation, an EC workshop on 12th October

Benchmarking of national innovation procurement investments and policy frameworks across Europe

Interested to know how much the public sector in your country invests in adopting innovative solutions compared to other countries, and in which sectors they invest the most (health, transport, ICT etc.)? Keen to know if your country already has an action plan, target, financial incentives and a competence center for boosting innovation procurement? 

Join at the 12 October workshop that will disseminate and collect feedback on the final results of the Study on the strategic use of innovation procurement in the digital economy. The study is funded by the EC Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology.

The workshop will take place on Monday 12th October 2020.

You can join on line by following this link: https://pwc-emeamc.webex.com/pwc-emeamc/j.php?MTID=m95ab6409504f113caff537ad75364afd

The objective of the study was to, for the first time:

- Map the progress across 30 European countries in rolling out national policy frameworks to encourage innovation procurement;

- Measure the amount of public procurement that is devoted in each country to the purchase of innovative solutions; 

- Formulate a set of guidelines for decision-makers to facilitate regular collection of this data in the future and integration of the benchmarking results in statistics/scoreboards. 

The workshop will be divided in two sessions.

The morning session - from 10 to 11.40 AM - will present the methodology and results of the benchmarking of national policy frameworks on innovation procurement (this includes an update of the first results published last year).

The afternoon session - from 14 to 16 PM - will focus on the methodology and results of the benchmarking of national investments in public procurement of innovative solutions, including the breakdown of those investments across different sectors of public sector activity (e.g. health, transport, security etc.) and strategic expenditure categories that fuel public sector modernization (in particular ICT). 

To ensure that all feedback collected is duly taken into consideration to improve the study findings, the event will be recorded.  


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