• Smart Mobility & Artificial Intelligence, strategy and projects of Regione Lombardia 

Document is approved to establish the region as an international point of reference 


Accelerating Smart Mobility and Artificial Intelligence for mobility in Lombardy, with competencies that will make the region a point of reference on an international level, also thanks to the implementation of projects in four areas deemed critical for the development of the automotive and public transport sectors. 

Briefly stated, this is the goal and the action set out in the document “Smart Mobility and Artificial Intelligence” approved by the Regional Council on 30 November 2020 and endorsed after long thought and discussion on mobility and its potential for innovation. 

Accordingly, Lombardy Region systematises the scope of initiatives launched with regard to Smart Mobility, starting with the same-titled round table, which met four times in a plenary session between late 2018 and September 2020 – the last meeting held online due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19. The “Smart Mobility and Artificial Intelligence” round table provided the opportunity to gather ideas and requests from companies and institutions with an interest in the subject. 

Considerations on technologies, scenarios, market data and innovations are now added to issues stemming from the pandemic with new horizons that see the mobility and public transport sectors among those most impacted by the situation brought about by the coronavirus, and that require even more urgent reflection and action to embrace the changes and respond to the challenges of the present. 

Spheres of action 

Once again, research and innovation will be vital to the response. Specifically, the document approved by Lombardy Region identifies four spheres of action.

The first is related to connectivity and data: the digitisation of mobility services involves the possibility of sharing large amounts of data and information, which can be extremely useful for planning and managing public policies regarding mobility. 

The second is assisted and automated driving. To this end the Region aims to establish an International centre of excellence, a Hub for experimentation of this and other innovative technologies, in a controlled context that can act as a test area for solutions to be later brought to market. 

The third line of action is that of support to supply chains impacted by the transition to new forms of motorisation; this support also includes facilities to be established through the region for charging electric vehicles and refuelling hydrogen-powered vehicles.  

The last goal is to increase the responsiveness of automotive component supply chains to facilitate the process of adapting their organisational and production model in the present context of heightened uncertainty and complexity of the market and its requirements. 

To foster the broadest possible discussion of the issues, the Smart Mobility document – compatible with the activities set out in the 2021-2027 Programme – will also be discussed by the round tables for interregional cooperation, for example in the Networks of which the Lombardy Region is a member, such as the Vanguard Initiative or the Regions of the Four Motors for Europe.  


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