• The first University-Industry Interaction Online Conference

From June 8th to 11th, 2020 to solve problems and sustain innovation after COVID-19 

UIIN - University Industry Innovation Network in Amsterdam invites to learn, share, and expand your knowledge at the 2020 University-Industry Interaction Online Conference, from June 8th to 11th, 2020. 
In a social-distancing and lockdown world, university-industry engagement has become more important than ever before. Universities play a crucial role in addressing today's crisis, re-invent their business models, accelerate the road to online and blended learning and accelerate their engagement processes.
From June 8th to 11nd 2020, the University-Industry Interaction Online Conference will provide a mixture of presentations, workshops and facilitated networking, to stay informed on the latest on entrepreneurial & engaged universities, strategic partnerships and the tools and methods that support institutional change.
University-Industry Interaction Online Conference presents 25 webinars, 6 online workshops, 3 fireside chats and numerous networking opportunities.

Here the registration form. 

Over the past few weeks, the global crisis has caused an unprecedented change in the way we live and work. 

It has also highlighted the necessity of collaboration between businesses and universities to solve problems and  sustain innovation in a fast-paced changing environment.
The University-Industry Interaction Online Conference aims to connect and network with university leaders, business professionals and academics from across the globe - to discuss  how to establish university-industry partnerships and benefit from the education and research activities of universities.
The online event will leverage the experience and insights from over 80 speakers and 
address topics such as:

 Developing more engaged and entrepreneurial universities
 A holistic perspective towards university-industry partnerships
 The university as a launching pad for innovation
 Supporting students and lifelong learners in preparing for the future
 Driving local and regional growth through creating an innovation ecosystem
 Structures and mechanisms supporting university-industry interaction
 Upskilling knowledge transfer and engagement professionals.
If interested in becoming a virtual exhibitor at the Online University-Industry Interaction Conference, contact celik@uiin.org.
Head to the Online Conference website or follow #uiinconf for the latest conference news.
Contact office@uiin.org if you have any questions about the conference or 
the UIIN Membership.
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