The digital platform was recognised as a best practice for university, industry and PA collaboration

Open Innovation, the Region’s collaborative digital platform on research and innovation, was awarded on the 11th of November by the Triple Helix Association, during the “II International Triple Helix Summit”, scheduled from the 10th to the 13th of November 2018 in Dubai. Open Innovation has been recognised as the best initiative to support active collaboration between university, industry, and public administration.

The reasons for the award

The Triple Helix Association is an independent international organisation, chaired by Professor Henry Etzkowitz and founded in 1996. 

This Association aims at promoting scientific research, innovation, economic growth and competitiveness through the collaboration between universities, businesses and public bodies (the three helices). Via the Triple Helix International Medal Award and the international events it organises, the Association is willing to give international visibility to the best practices identified in this area.

Fontana: internationally recognised best practices 

“I am very proud that, once again - said the President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana - the best practices of the Lombardy Region are internationally acknowledged and appreciated. Research and Innovation are fundamental pillars for our policy, and applying them to increase our businesses competitiveness is a winning strategy. Similarly - continued the Governor - it is strategically important to have such a collaboration in place between public administration, universities and businesses, which, thanks to the Open Innovation platform, can be fully implemented. The award we received today confirms that we are on the right track for Lombardy to continue to be a pioneering region and a model to emulate”.

Sala: Open Innovation as a collaborative tool

“The Open Innovation platform - said the Vice-President of Lombardy Region and the Councillor for Research, Innovation, University, Export and Internationalisation Fabrizio Sala - which now has thousands of members and users, was activated more than three years ago by the Region to promote the Lombard innovation ecosystem, thus promoting active collaboration between all its stakeholders - businesses, organisations, universities.

Promoting the relationship between PA and citizens

"We want to encourage a constant and transparent dialogue between the public administration and citizens to better define policies and actions, or even increase technology transfer from the world of research to businesses. These are some of our main objectives best represented by Open Innovation. A success being also worldwide known, as it is evidenced by this precious recognition. In recent years - concluded Vice President Sala - the platform has allowed the creation of about 400 communities that have fostered the publication of information, the exchange of expertise and hundreds of expressions of interest in innovative projects. It has also provided information on calls for proposals and on topics related to innovation and research in areas ranging from biomedical to Blockchain, from Industry 4.0 to the Internet of Things up to the broader theme of 'digital transformation'.

Open 2.0

Open Innovation has also inspired the diffusion of Open 2.0, an open source environment for the creation of collaborative tools made available free of charge by the Lombardy Region to businesses, public administrations and associations and informed users about the collaboration proposals of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the largest European network of services for Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as about the opportunities and projects activated thanks to European funds. 

The platform has also hosted various innovation challenges, promoted initiatives by the Lombardy Region for the dissemination of a culture of innovation, such as Giornata della Ricerca or Research Day, whose second edition has just taken place at Teatro alla Scala in Milan with the presentation of the international award 'Lombardia è ricerca’ (Lombardy is research). Constant dialogue with stakeholders and with the general public has also been carried out through listening and participation initiatives such as questionnaires and online public consultations.



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