• Covid-19, human trials on Italian-English vaccine to begin in late April

Pomezia-based company ADVENT-IRBM and Oxford University: vaccine could be used on exposed categories in September

Researchers around the world are currently working on about 50 vaccines to develop effective prevention of Covid-19 infection as quickly as possible. One of those at an advanced stage was developed in Pomezia by the Italian company ADVENT-IRBM, which together with one of the most important research centres in the world, the Jenner Institute of Oxford University, has announced that clinical trials on 550 healthy volunteers are slated to start in England as early as late April.

The vaccine uses a platform similar to that used against Ebola, combined with the so-called vector developed in Pomezia by Advent-Irbm and with the protein used by the Coronavirus to penetrate cells, the spike, developed by the Jenner Institute of Oxford University. If the trials have a positive outcome, the vaccine may be available in small quantities as early as September, even before the authorisations of drug agencies are obtained, thanks to special emergency procedures that can be adopted when it becomes clear that a particular drug is not harmful and can help curb the spread of the epidemic.

However, large-scale use will only be possible a few months later, certainly not before early 2021. Initially, the vaccine could be used for health care and law enforcement personnel, who are among the most exposed categories. An expansion of the panel of beneficiaries will then be evaluated based on responses and on the approvals of regulatory bodies.

According to an article recently published in the journal Science, there are already five Covid-19 vaccines currently in clinical trial.
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