• Here comes “Ansacheck”, the first blockchain-based news tracking system

Project of ANSA and EY to provide news of certified origin

Blockchain technology is increasingly used in many industries. Regione Lombardia successfully tested some applications dedicated to citizen services.  ANSA, Italy’s main news agency,
partnered with EY to start the first Italian project based on blockchain technology to track and verify the origin of its news report and the news distributed to other newspapers.

The "ANSAcheck - News of certified origin" tracking label will enable readers to trace the “history of a news item” so as to guarantee the full transparency and traceability of its passages. Blockchain technology makes it possible to strengthen even more the relationship of full trust between users/readers and the Italian news agency, a source of information at the national level, especially at this time of the Coronavirus emergency, when information plays a key role for those in charge of dictating rules and transmitting messages to the population, who is faced with an exceptional condition.

Over the last few years, the use of recognisable brands to transmit false messages and fake news for fraudulent purposes has become a critical issue in the news publishing industry. The origin of the news, the reliability of the sources – the pillars of quality journalism – are now more important than ever and the much-needed help for the news publishing industry comes from technology. Thanks to blockchain HUB MED, developed by EY, readers can trace a news item back to its primary source and compare the news they read on a newspaper with the original news item published by ANSA, with great benefits in terms of reputation.

In addition, EY’s OpsChain Traceability solution uses a digital object to create an encrypted string of news, to ensure verification as a certain news item is published on the site ANSA.it. When that news item appears on readers’ browsers, they can check for the tracking label that is assigned by verifying the parameters of the news item published by ANSA, and, if these parameters match, the news item can be labelled “ANSAcheck”.
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