• International procurement: launched a new pre-commercial public procurement in healthcare domain

The path set up by Regione Lombardia in 2017 continues, according to the regional law 29/2016 “Lombardia è ricerca e innovazione”, through strengthening Pre-Commercial Procurement - PCP innovative tool, which enables a competition among the best international players of the industry against concrete public purchasing needs, which can help to maximize the effectiveness of the R&D process and optimize public R&D spending.
The call for tender published on 19 May, 2020 addresses a new innovation need, proposed by Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori di Milano and selected by Regione Lombardia in a public call, for an innovative Augmented Reality device for the integrated collection and visualization of all the relevant information concerning a certain patient during a specific surgical procedure
The introduction of Augmented Reality can enrich the sensory perception that people have of the real world, superimposing artificial and virtual information that would not be perceivable by the five senses, through the use of image/video fusion computer based. 
Inserted in a highly technological context such as the integrated operating room, this device would make available and accessible to the surgeon all the patient's personal information, his past clinical history, his laboratory reports and both his pre-operative and intra-operative imaging. At the same time, this device would allow the surgeon to govern the main instruments used in the OR.
No technological solution is available on the market yet, so Regione Lombardia finances the R&D and the experimentation to implement innovative solutions aimed at satisfying this technologically complex problem and opening new markets: the public entity shares with the winning bidders risks and benefits of the research and development activities at market conditions and has the possibility of comparing and testing different technological alternatives before proceeding with a new public procurement call for tender.
The tender is called by ARIA S.p.A. and the procedure - multi-stage bidding procedure (phase I, II and III) with multiple bidders award - provides that the R&D services will last 24 months (for a total of 41 months of procedure).
The value of the tender amounts to euro 2.450.000,00 VAT excluded financed by Axe 1 ERDF ROP 2014-2020. The opening bid for the procedure’s first stage (STEP 1), relative to the design of the Innovative Solution subject matter of the tendering, amounts, for each bidder, to euro177.049,18 VAT excluded. 
The deadline for submitting bids is 28 September 2020 at 2 pm.

Here further information about ARIA S.p.A.
Documentation availabe here below.
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