• Sustainability, from 2023 hydrogen-powered trains on the Brescia-Iseo-Edolo line 

Planned purchase of six railcars to replace the diesel trains in service since the early 1990s    


Thanks to the project H2iseO of FNM Group and Trenord, from 2023 hydrogen-powered trains will be speeding along the Brescia-Iseo-Edolo line in Valcamonica, their only emission during travel being steam. 

The FNM Board of Directors has already approved the purchase of six electric trains powered by hydrogen, with an option for the supply of an additional eight to be developed by Alstom, currently the only manufacturer with the ability to build this type of passenger trains, i.e., Coradia I-Lint railcars, in service in several areas in Germany. 

Starting off with the Donizetti model 

The transition to eco-sustainable transport must be implemented rapidly. To achieve this, the new hydrogen-powered trains will be modelled after the “Donizetti” already used by Trenord; a choice that not only allows delivery times to be expedited, but also as a way to optimise maintenance management.   

Total investment is estimated at over 160 million euro, with a unique benefit in terms of environmental sustainability: the new hydrogen trains will be replacing the old diesel vehicles operating on the line since the early 1990s. 

The railway sector will thus see an innovative thrust starting from Lombardy: these new and advanced railcars are added to a purchase programme of 176 new trains, directly financed by the Region and intended to renew the existing fleet, the result being a huge impact in terms of sustainability and quality of service. The commitment by the H2iseO project will not be limited to the adoption of hydrogen trains, but will also include the construction of hydrogen power plants, initially to be dedicated entirely to supporting and serving the new railcars.


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