• Universities, eight Italian Departments among the top ten in the world

Universities, eight Italian Departments among the top ten in the world

The Italian university system once again confirms its high quality, and some Lombard excellent centres stand out. QS Quacquarelli Symonds, an important British entity specialising in education and study abroad, has drawn up the 2020 world ranking of universities by analysing 13,138 university programmes of 1,368 universities, located in 83 different places.
In particular, the Politecnico di Milano leads the ranking of the 34 Italian universities present in the list, as it had been already the case in the last five editions, but still improves its performance: indeed, it enters the top 150, going from 156th to 149th position.

Under the heading "disciplinary areas and subjects" there are eight Italian departments in the top 10 in the world: two more than last year. Also in this case the Politecnico is there, 6th in the world for Art and Design and 7th for Architecture, 9th for Engineering-Mechanical, Aeronautical and recorded a good performance with several other subjects.

The Bocconi University ranks 7th for Business& Management studies, 16th for Economics&Econometrics, 17th for Accounting&Finance.

The Milan University La Statale of Milan holds national supremacy in the Life Sciences & Medicine macro area, where the University is 83rd in the world. Also in Italy, La Statale leads in the areas of Pharmacy & Pharmacology (36th in the world), Medicine (among the top 100 in the world) and Veterinary Science (45th in the world).
Our country places its university system in fourth place in Europe, surpassed only by those of France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Italian universities stand out at European level in particular for the employability of graduates - a parameter that sees better performance only in France - as the qualification of Italian graduates is particularly appreciated by companies and employers in general.

Around the world, the MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, leads the ranking in 12 subjects, closely followed by Harvard (11 subjects) and Oxford (8). In Asia, the National University of Singapore stands out and Indian universities are starting to improve. The Russian system continues to improve in 2020, while in Latin America Colombia is the best performer.
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