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Sustainable mobility: 21 thousand electric charging stations within three years

PNRR, 741 million available to be used for infrastructure on extra urban roads and in cities

Redazione Open Innovation

Redazione Open Innovation

Regione Lombardia

More than 21,000 charging stations for electric vehicles will become operational within the next three years on motorways and in city centres thanks to the Italian PNRR.

With two different decrees, the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security regulates the modalities of access through tenders to the funds. 741 million euros, from the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Mission 2, Component 2, Investment 4.3) to install at least 7,500 super-rapid recharging infrastructures on extra-urban roads by the end of 2025, excluding motorways, and 13,755 fast recharging infrastructures in cities.

These recharging infrastructures will contribute to the upgrading of the existing fuel distribution network by adapting them to future sustainable mobility. The goal is the decarbonisation of transport.

The measures define the types of eligible projects and expenses, the selection methods, and the portions of territory in which the service can be organised, based on the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as the maximum diffusion and capillarity of the infrastructures.

For this, the Optimal Territorial Ambits (ATO) model was used to identify the number of recharging infrastructures to be built in each Italian Region and Autonomous Province, all the way down to local areas.

The Italian PNRR investment is intended to finance up to 40 per cent of the construction costs of the stations, which are to be evenly provided on the territory, i.e. with a minimum level of recharging infrastructure per area, favouring the use of existing service stations and rest areas.

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