mission project

Multidisciplinary strategIc partnerShip providing innovative Solutions to reduce mIcrOplastics dispersioN


Rold is an Italian SME leader in the field of household appliances. It has three main divisions: Appliances, Industrial and the R-Lab. The latter aims at ideating innovative solutions by investigating novel technologies and advanced materials.

the challenge

According to a study conducted by IPCB – Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials – 35% of the microplastic in the oceans, i.e. those plastic particles with a diameter between 330 micrometers (or even lower) and 5 millimeters, come from the washing of synthetic garments. This means that the domestic washing and/or drying machines is the cause for more than a third of the invisible plastic contamination, which enters the seas and ends up being swallowed up by the marine fauna, thus also entering the human food chain.


We want to set up a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral strategic partnership in order to find out innovative solutions aiming at reducing microplastics dispersion.


Thanks to: The MISSION project - Multidisciplinary strategIc partnerShip providing innovative Solutions to reduce mIcrOplastics dispersioN –


MISSION aims at radically innovating the whole value chain of the household appliances related to the “white goods” in order to face the more and more urgent problem of microplastics dispersion. This involves partners from the textile industry to the water depuration sector.


Call Reference: H2020 – Innovation in small and medium enterprises

INNOSUP -01-2018-2020

- Cluster facilitated projects for new industrial value chains


Do you want to be part of a strategic partnership, which will lead the innovation in white goods by providing solutions capable of dramatically reducing the microplastics dispersion?

Have you already started any initiative that could contribute to this ambitious MISSION? Do you have any idea swirling in your head that you think could become a disruptive and/or breakthrough solution in order to contribute to the MISSION aim?

Join our workshop on February 26th 2020 at Politecnico di Milano!

Let’s discuss together how to radically change the white good value chain and the connected environments.


We will meet at Politecnico di Milano at 9 AM.

There, we will share ideas and possible visions so as to draft a proposal to be submitted within the INNOSUP 01 call.

Participation to the workshop is free of charge. We just ask you to introduce yourself and share with us a short description of your idea or solution.

Please note that IP agreements will be defined for managing background and/or foreground knowledge.

who can APPLY

SMEs, clusters and associations who wants to find solutions to reduce microplastics dispersion.


From what sector are you?


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