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University grants, funding of €62 million

The criteria for accessing and maintaining the contribution

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redazione open innovation

Regione Lombardia

The criteria and funding forecasts have arrived for the allocation of university grants (DSU) for the year 2021/2022, by the DSU managing bodies: Universities, AFAM Institutions and Secondary Schools for Linguistic Mediators.

Measures aimed at supporting disadvantaged and deserving students through specific criteria for access to grants for first-year university students are in fact among the guidelines of the resolution approved on Monday 21 June by the Regional Council, on the proposal of the councillor for Education, University, Research, Innovation and Simplification, Fabrizio Sala.

Funds allocated, deserving students

The forecast of resources for university grants for the year 2021/2022 amounts to a total of €62,481,635.

Of this amount, 35 million euros come from the proceeds of the regional tax for the right to study (ex L. 549/95); 15 million from the 2021 State Supplementary Fund; almost 12.5 million (12,481,635 euros to be precise) are instead autonomous resources of the Lombardy Region.

This confirms the economic commitment of the Lombardy Region on this front, which has tripled since 2017.

"Lombardy's universities", underlines councillor Fabrizio Sala, "host more than 300,000 students. Of these," he points out, "there are more than 24,000 grant-holders a year, 45% of whom are off-site, which is a sign of the great attractiveness of the Lombardy system".

"The approved resolution", notes the councillor, "confirms the increase in autonomous resources for the DSU decided by the Lombardy Region in the last three years. Five years ago (2017/2018) the Lombardy Region invested €3 million in university grants. It now stands at 12.4, i.e. 9 million more per year".

Amounts and criteria

The amount of the grant for the next school year is similar to that provided for the previous academic year and varies from €2,719 to €5,278, depending on the student's economic and financial conditions (ISEE (equivalent financial situation index) not exceeding €23,000, ISPE (equivalent assets situation index) not exceeding €50,000) and whether he or she is a resident, commuting or non-resident student.

In general, the measure also confirms the criteria and minimum funding forecasts for the allocation of university grants (Dsu) for the 2021/2022 academic year.
A qualifying point is the confirmation of the trial, which began in 2011 in agreement with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), through the definition of innovative measures oriented towards a greater appreciation of merit.

In particular, the measure approved by the Lombardy Region lays down the criteria for access to grants for first-year students (standardised tests, final grade); and confirms the increase in the number of credits required to maintain the first-year grant (from 25 to 35 credits) envisaged in the trial with the MIUR.
The resolution also provides for the possibility of a higher amount for disabled students, and a supplement for international mobility and internships.

Sala: requested changes to fund allocation criteria

"Lombardy, precisely because of the attractiveness of its university system," concludes the councillor, "is faced with an ever-increasing demand. We have already asked for a change in national allocation criteria funding. More account must be taken of the Right to Education services offered by the Lombardy Region and of the merit of the individual students".
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