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Open Next Generation: an online space dedicated to RRP funds, topics and technologies

News, insights, experts: a guide with comparison tools for the recovery of the territory

Redazione Open Innovation

Redazione Open Innovation

Regione Lombardia

The RRP, Recovery and Resilience Plan, represents an extraordinary development opportunity for Italy and Lombardy.

Thanks to the funds and reforms provided for by the RRP, this development will move in the direction clearly indicated by Europe: that of sustainable development, technological transition and of social inclusion supported and enabled by innovation and research.

Given the centrality of the RRP, the Lombardy Region has created a new space for information, participation and co-planning on the web on the topics and technologies that are the protagonists of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

This space is now online and it's called Open Lombardia Next Generation: a section of our collaborative platform that once again looks first and foremost to the Lombardy ecosystem of research and innovation.

"We need to discover this plan and discuss it - explained Fabrizio Sala, regional councillor for Education, University, Research, Innovation and Simplification -, also because we will create tools with the government to implement the RRP. This is why we have decided to dedicate a space to collect contributions and this space is represented by Open Lombardia Next Generation".

The goal is to offer citizens, businesses, research institutions a virtual meeting place, where they can find, first of all, a clear and complete introduction to each of the 6 Missions that make up the RRP.

Open Lombardia next Generation hosts news, insights and interviews with national experts on specific sectors and technologies.

Among the first experts interviewed Mario Calderini, lecturer at the School of Management of the Polytechnic of Milan, examines how much and how the RRP can make social innovation and social-tech grow; Giancarlo Fortino, full professor of the University of Calabria and expert in intelligent sensors, speaks on the prospects for the IoT market; Giuseppe Napoli, CNR researcher, on Smart Energy and Smart Grid; Giulia Bartezzaghi, Director of the Food Sustainability Observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan and one of the partners in the project of the district hubs that won the Earthshot Prize, explores the theme of innovation in support of the sustainability of the agro-food chain.

With Open Lombardia Next Generation it will be possible to discover what are the resources, the emerging technologies, the business models, the new forms of organisation implemented in the 6 Missions: Digitalisation, innovation, competitiveness and culture; Green Revolution and ecological transition; infrastructures for sustainable mobility; education and research; inclusion and cohesiveness; health.

Last but not least, Open Lombardia Next Generation will provide updates on the initiatives of the Lombardy Region activated in synergy or complementarity with the RRP.

Discover and browse the new section:: click here.

To participate in discussions on insights and interviews, share documents, contribute to the new Open Lombardia Next Generation section, subscribe to the dedicated Community, click here.

The new Open Lombardia Next Generation section is the natural evolution of Open Lombardia, the initiative put in place by the Lombardy Region to explore and reflect on post-pandemic scenarios.

The Open Lombardia materials remain available on the Open Innovation platform: to read them, click here.


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