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ERDF OP 2014-2020, find out about the projects financed on the new web page

A space for the results obtained thanks to the European funds provided by the Lombardy Region

Redazione Open Innovation

Redazione Open Innovation

Regione Lombardia

On the one hand, the European funds - of over a billion Euro - on the other, the almost 3,400 projects, which thanks to those funds, have been carried out in Lombardy, for its economic and social growth.

Lombardy has put together these figures to allow you to understand the value of the ERDF OP, the Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund.

Find out more about the ERDF OP: CLICK HERE.

The ERDF OP is divided into 6 AXES, each with a different specific purpose: they range from the strengthening of research, technological development and innovation, which is the focus of AXIS I to sustainable development which is financed by AXIS 5, from promoting the competitiveness of SMEs - which is central to the productive fabric of Italy and Lombardy - with AXIS III, to focusing on the shift towards a low-carbon economy, which is the objective of AXIS IV well before the approval of the European Green Deal.

The ERDF OP funds therefore indicate the objectives of Europe. But above all, they tell us which projects have been developed in the areas thanks to this type of EU funding.

Actions taken by the Lombardy Region

Specifically, the ERDF OP 2014-2020 has supported a series of calls initiated by the Lombardy Region in line with the objectives of the Fund.

To give a few examples, there are the Research Agreements, an innovative call that initiated a highly successful formula such as partnerships between SMEs, large companies and research centres, and the Innodriver call, specifically for supporting the technological innovation of SMEs.

The "Covid-19 Research" call had an enormous social impact: responding to the health emergency created by the SARS CoV2 pandemic, in March 2020 the Lombardy Region promoted a joint 7.5 million Euro call with the Veronesi Foundation and the Cariplo Foundation, 4 million Euro of which were from the ERDF OP 2014-2020.

In this way, the “Covid-19: insieme per la ricerca di tutti” call financed 27 projects, both fundamental research and industrial research and experimental development, each of which was of great interest.

The list will be updated every week: visit the section periodically to find out about the projects that have been completed.

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